NRHA South Africa is being recognized by the international reining community, to such a degree that we’re beginning to attract sponsorships from some of the worlds biggest brands.

South Africa has so many talented reiners and top quality reining horses that with some local and international support will begin their journey towards representing South Africa on the international reining horse competition arena.

The sport of Reining is amongst the fastest growing equestrian disciplines in South Africa. Showcasing our local talent and being a part of the global National Reining Horse Association family opens doors and provides the platform for numerous international opportunities.

We’d like to thank every one of our sponsors for their encouragement, committment and investment in developing the sport of reining in South Africa through NRHA SOUTH AFRICA,  as well as for the faith they continue to show in our riders and their horses. 

It’s all about developing the rider and the horse and affording them the opportunity to participate at the highest possible levels in the sport of reining.    


(With Greg Garland)

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